1. Create A Master Peace

    Prevent the conflicts of tomorrow and create a statement of peace today.

    Peace One Day is a global movement advocating a day of world peace; an annual day of ceasefire and non-violence. This year, through this Create a Master Peace campaign, we encourage the next generation of children to become ambassadors of peace, fighting for a better world. On Peace Day, September 21st 2012, we will activate a global army of children - the peace corps of our future - in a powerful act of creativity over destruction.

    On September 21, Create a Master Peace asks children, with the help of their families, classrooms, communities and volunteers to reappropriate traditional symbols of violence in the name of peace. By painting toy guns and other toy weapons white, children fearlessly neutralize symbols of violence, transforming the gun into something hopeful, not harmful.

    While soldiers in war zones lay down their arms for one day, so do our children, displaying their artistic creations in schools, on streets, and on screens across the globe. The Create a Master Peace movement will inspire an ever growing, shared voice of protest, once a year, every year. Join us and let your creativity flourish.

    Create a Master Peace and make Peace One Day, happen…